Work in Progress

Super Speedy Bumblebee 

(547 words) ages 2-5

Bumblebee wasn’t built for speed; he had to train much harder than fly and wasp. On the day of the annual insect race could bumblebee bee the best that he could bee?

Cat Burglar

(184 words) ages 2-5

When the Cat Burglar sees a sign that says “KEEP OUT” he grins a grin, “keep out, no chance! I’m breaking in!” We all know what happens to curious cats and we all know that warning signs are there for a reason…

Doodle Monster 

(264 words) ages 2-5

“One day I doodled a monster. The monster was in a rage. He thought the page I’d drawn him on was actually a cage. He demanded that I draw him again; I did so with my favourite pen…”

Leaf Boy 

(524 words) ages 2-5

The best thing about summer, for Evan Green, was the glorious green leaves on the trees. So when the leaves change colour and start to fall, Evan takes action.